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2017 Subaru Forester could be getting new suspension and AWD upgrades

Subaru is in a mid-cycle with the popular Forester SUV and they may reveal the 2017 Forester next month. What changes are coming?


Subaru’s modus operandi (MO) is to refresh a model in the fourth model year in their five year product cycle. The 2017 Forester is in the fourth year, and rather predictably, Subaru waits until this fourth year to offer a visual "facelift" to the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Dealers say this fourth-year refresh is humorously known as the BMC or "big minor change." 

The Subaru Forester SUV is in this mid-cycle and they may reveal the 2017 Forester next month. What changes are coming? Subaru typically makes some changes to the headlights and taillights during the mid-cycle refresh because they can change the look of the car and it doesn’t requiring expensive sheet metal redevelopment. Subaru will do this refresh to the Forester and some pictures have been seen in Japan online already. More changes underneath the exterior could be coming.

Subaru Japan recently announced they will hold a test-ride event at their “Subaru active life Square” where they will let guests participate in a special off-road course to experience the new SUV. The event will take place on October 6, 2015 in Japan at the Moripaku Outdoor Village.

Along with the exterior refresh, Subaru may be making mechanical upgrades to the Forester's chassis as they say they will let their guests experience the new SUV’s drivability and all-wheel-drive performance so they can continue to “polish” the 2017 Subaru Forester before it reaches production. Stay tuned.

Media source: Subaru Japan