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2014 Subaru Forester is loaded with intrinsic value

Subaru developed the all-new global 2014 Forester by paying attention to details that most buyers overlook but have an extremely high value.


The actual value of an SUV like the 2014 Subaru Forester can’t be seen in the sticker price. The intrinsic value of the new crossover factors in both tangible and intangibles that can only be seen when we look at what went into designing the total Forester package. Subaru engineers and designers developed the new Forester with the goal of producing a global vehicle with the kind of value that owners will appreciate after many years of owning the crossover. This is called intrinsic value.

Subaru has a goal in mind for every vehicle they build and it's embodied in the statement, "Enjoyment and Peace of Mind." This is the underlying fundamental aspect of Subaru's global identity. The all-new 2014 Forester is the newest expression of that philosophy and designers took great pains in developing the new SUV. Subaru is a progressive company who first of all listens to their current owners. This is the first step the Japanese automaker took before developing the new Forester.

Extensive customer surveys

Subaru listened to their current Forester owners to find out what they liked, and more importantly, what they didn’t like about the 2013 Forester. After extensive research, the direction became clear in the design the new Forester needed to take. Subaru owners are a unique group and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. You will see Subaru owners using their SUV for activities like hiking, biking, snowboarding, fishing and going to the beach. Many Subaru owners also have dogs which Subaru recognizes in their design.

Paying attention to details

The design studios in Japan, the U.S. and Europe all partnered together to come up with a design that would fit their customers needs. It starts in the interior where much attention was paid to details like visibility. The 2014 Forester offers superb visibility and this was a high priority for the design team. Subaru set the hip-point higher which raises the eye-point for better visibility from all angles.

They also adjusted the position of the front pillar and shape of the instrument panel to help the Forester achieve commanding views in all directions. They did tests on how well the driver could see a one meter tall pole that would be like a small child. These factors produce the kind of intrinsic value for customers that can’t be immediately seen.

Design decisions that reflect intrinsic value

Takuji Dai, Project General Manager, oversaw the new Forester project and was instrumental in its new design. The design team even paid attention to small details like how scenery reflects on the hood. Dai says that glare can interfere with a drivers view while driving and can cause undue stress. Subaru reviewed over and over to search for which solutions would be best. These are the type of design decisions that reflect the intrinsic value in the new 2014 Forester.

Also improved aerodynamics went into the new design to help improve fuel-efficiency. And the goal for the interior was a “high quality comfortable space” where everyone on board will enjoy a sense of enjoyment and peace. In the video below, there are a number of scenes which show the different developmental design stages of the all-new 2014 Subaru Forester that were conducted. The incredible attention to detail gives buyers more value than initially meets the eye.

Watch the 4th generation Forester development movie chapter 1 below.