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2 Ways Lasek Stops Higgins From Celebrating 6th Driver’s Championship

Bucky Lasek will drive the new 2016 Subaru WRX STI at Forest Rally. Will he have any chance to beat Higgins?

Can Bucky Lasek do battle with David Higgins at the New England Forest Rally in July and actually win? Lasek will pilot a new SRT USA 2016 Subaru WRX STI and go head-to-head against Higgins and Drew. Will Lasek have any chance of beating the championship driver? He has two ways he can win.

Lasek has two ways of beating David Higgins. His chances are slim and none. The only way the former skateboarder turned Subaru GRC driver wins, is if Higgins experiences some kind of trouble with his WRX STI or has a Did Not Finish (DNF) at the rally race.

Inexperience will be a key factor

Lasek’s first time behind the wheel of a WRX STI rally car was at Sno*Drift Rally where he went off the snow-packed rally stage, crashed his Subaru WRX STI and couldn’t finish the race. This will only be his second attempt at a rally race. It will be on gravel this time which should help.

Even though Lasek is driving a new 2016 Subaru WRX STI rally car, his inexperience will likely do him in. He will have Rhianon Gelsomino as his co-pilot, and her experience will help the rookie rally driver. Higgins, who is a three-time winner of the event, will play the role of coach and mentor to Lasek at the July rally. Subaru Motorsports says the two will spend some time together prior to the event testing and training.

PAGE 2: Higgins on pace for 6 in-a-row

Higgins currently leads the Rally America Championship and is on pace to earn his 6th straight Driver’s Championship in the series. Travis Pastrana will miss the New England Forest Rally due to previously scheduled commitments to his Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. It will be up to Bucky Lasek to keep things interesting for Higgins in his new 2016 Subaru WRX STI. Stay tuned.

Source: Subaru

Image source: Subaru