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10 Cheapest SUVs - Subaru Crosstrek Scores Among the Least Expensive New Models

What are the least expensive new SUVs you can buy now? Check out the ten cheapest new models and where the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek fits in.

The ten cheapest new SUVs under $25,000 you can buy right now include the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek. Is it the best among the ten? See why it could be the best on the list below.

Small SUV customers look for fuel economy, cargo space, top safety scores, all-weather capability, and affordability. Here’s a list of the ten cheapest SUVs under $25,000 with an automatic transmission you can buy this year. All prices include destination and delivery fees.

2022 Subaru Crosstrek features, upgrades, specs, pricing
photo credit: Don Miller Subaru East

All the models below are for front-wheel-drive versions of all the SUVs except the Kia Seltos, which comes with all-wheel drive on its base (LX) trim level, and the Subaru Crosstrek, which comes standard with the brand’s Symmetrical all-wheel-drive on all trims.

1 2022 Hyundai Kona SE: $22,395
2 2022 Chevrolet Trax LS: $22,595
3 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport S: $22,690
4 2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer LS: $22,795
5 2022 Honda HR-V LX $23,095
6 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross L: $23,410
7 2022 Kia Seltos LX: $23,805
8 2022 Volkswagen Taos S: $24,190
9 2022 Jeep Renegade Sport: $24,385
10 2022 Subaru Crosstrek: $24,920

2022 Subaru Crosstrek features, upgrades, specs, pricing

What sets the 2022 Crosstrek apart from the rest of the small SUVs?

Crosstrek is the lowest in cost of ownership.

Vincentric announces Subaru Crosstrek is best in class. According to the newest Vincentric Best Value in America Awards, Subaru scores three winners with the lowest insurance, lowest ownership, and low depreciation costs. Having the highest resale value and lowest depreciation rate in its class contributed to the win.

Three more things set Subaru Crosstrek apart

What sets the 2022 Crosstrek apart from other entry-level compacts is the Boxer engine in combination with all-wheel-drive technology, which provides dynamic driving performance coupled with its unique safety features. The new-generation EyeSight safety system is now offered as standard equipment on the new Crosstrek when equipped with the CVT automatic transmission.

The Subaru Crosstrek also comes with 8.7-inches of ground clearance which no competitor exceeds. Crosstrek also comes with X-Mode for more severe winter driving and off-road excursions. Subaru says 30 percent of Crosstrek owners take their subcompact SUV off-pavement for weekend adventures.

What is the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek fuel mileage?

You can have an all-wheel-drive SUV and still get good fuel efficiency. The Subaru Crosstrek uses direct injection on its new 2.5-liter four-cylinder Boxer engine and gets 27/34 city/highway mpg and 29 combined mpg.

The 2.0-liter engine gets 28/33 mpg and 30 combined mpg with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) automatic.

What is the price of the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek?

The 2022 Subaru Crosstrek comes in five trim levels for customers. The base trim is priced from $23,570, Premium ($24,720), Sport ($27,920), Limited ($29,420) and Crosstrek Hybrid ($37,895). Prices include destination and delivery fees ($1,125).

If you are shopping for an affordable small SUV, the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek is one of the best SUVs with all-wheel-drive under $25,000. It’s also rated best for reliability and best for snow and ice this winter. Check out the two Crosstrek reports below for more information.

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Gulo (not verified)    January 26, 2022 - 10:21AM

Even my 1st-gen Crosstrek is still a great little car. It easily beats EPA MPG estimates just by using cruise near the speed limits on my 45-65MPH commute. The AWD and VSC work great, and I can switch the VSC off or pull a fuse for offroading.

The aftermarket for Crosstreks keeps getting better and better too, with a turbo kit, rear diff-locker, suspensions, exhausts, intakes, hitches, winchmounts, skids, rockers, bumpers, offroad/winter-capable tires, rooftop carriers, hitch carriers, etc.

My family of 3 can do an economical camping/offroad/vacation roadtrip, in any weather, in this winch-equipped, skidplated little monster. Just use a rooftop box/bag and/or hitchbox if you're overpackers. We can fit 3 daypacks, a tent, and a cooler inside, with room/seating to spare. Mtn bikes fit on the roof or hitch, or it can pull 3 dirtbikes or a small boat or other.

An affordable diff-locker and some rockers are going on my little monster next.