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Your Miata or Spider Convertible Image Could Earn You $50 - Here's How

Do you have a great convertible picture? Here's how it could earn you fifty bucks in gas.

Do you own a new Mazda Miata, a Fiat 124 Spider, or one of the many other great convertibles sold today? If so, snap a picture of it highlighting the soft-top and you might be able to win a $50 Shell gas card.

Who Is Haartz?
Haartz, the people that make most of the convertible tops for popular models is celebrating drop-top weather with a Spring Fling promotion. The folks at Haartz want your photo to add to their collection, and if yours is selected they will send you fifty bucks. We writer/photographers here at Torque News can assure you that is a great payday for a car picture!

How To Enter
You can check out the Haartz promotion at the Twitter site they have set up. We read over the rules, and all you need to do is like and or follow Haartz at Twitter. Then post up your picture with the make and model of the car and your name. Easy peasy. Here are the official rules in case we missed anything.

Why We Posted This
We don't make it a habit of posting stories about these types of promotions. However, Haartz is a generous sponsor of the automotive press. Their participation in media groups enables we writers to drive the cars that we review here and at other automotive sites. We hope you will take a minute to post up a beauty shot of your convertible.

Fiat 124 Spider image courtesy of Bill Johnson.