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You can bet your life that the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma are good on rocks and sand

Toyota’s tough trucks and its partnership with the San Diego lifeguard crew have provided proven results.

Memorial Day is the start of beach season in much of the United States. One question many 4x4 owners ask themselves is “How well would my truck (or SUV) do in that sand?” If that owner has a Tundra the answer is “very well.”

Toyota has provided 34 4x4 vehicles to the San Diego lifeguards. The vehicles are used for a wide variety of purposes including towing large watercraft. However, none was put to the test better than a Tundra Crew Max driven by Eric Care, a lifeguard sergeant. Care received a call that a person 4 miles north of him was in cardiac arrest and in need of immediate attention. The problem? That four miles included beach sand, and a stretch of large, loose rocks to traverse.

Care and his team jumped into the Toyota Tundra and blasted across the sand with no problem of course. Care explains the rest saying “When I got to the rocks, I just aimed for the high spots, gave it the gas and somehow got through,” he says. “The combination of a good motor, good rubber and plenty of ground clearance made the difference. I was never so relieved to have such a good truck under me.”

Hopefully, not many Tundra owners will need to reply on their truck in such a critical situation. However, for those owners with a 4x4 Tundra, it is good to know the capability is there if needed.

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