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Why the 2017 Lexus ES 350 Was Just Named a Best Car to Buy Right Now by U.S. News Autos

We look past the obvious to learn why U.S. News Autos just put the Lexus ES 350 on its list of Best Cars to Buy Right Now.

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The 2017 Lexus ES 350 has earned many awards. Not only has the Lexus ES 350 been one of the top-selling premium sedans for over a decade, but it is also an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus. Both Kelly Blue Book and have singled out the Lexus ES 350 for accolades in the past. Now U.S. News & World Report Autos (USN Autos) has chosen the Lexus ES 350 for perhaps the easiest to understand award of all.
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USN Autos has named the Lexus ES 350 to its Best Car to Buy Right Now list. Succinct, and to the point, this list includes vehicles that are perfectly timed to buy right now. We spoke to Jamie Page Deaton, Managing Editor at USN Autos, to understand better what type of car makes this list. Ms. Page Deaton explained that the nine cars on this list, "...have good scores in the U.S. News car rankings, which indicates that these are cars you’ll actually want to buy, even at full price, and they have slowing sales – so buyers will be in a strong negotiation position even before you take the manufacturer incentives into account."

We dug a little deeper and asked Ms. Page Deaton what makes the Lexus ES so special, given that many vehicles are good deals right now. She told Torque News, "The ES is simply a victim of changing consumer preferences. People want SUVs – you only have to look at RX and NX sales to see that – and so great cars like the ES get left behind. Dealers still need to move them, though so they should be more willing to negotiate on price." Ms. Page Deaton pointed out that USN Autos has specific details on the special incentives that Lexus dealers are offering. She summarized the deals by saying, "Lexus is helping out with their 1.9% financing deal for six years. While the rate is pretty normal for a luxury car deal, the term is much longer than what we typically see for luxury car incentive."

We looked that list over carefully. Although the list changes over time, as we viewed it today, the Toyota Avalon is on the list as well. As many savvy shoppers know, the Avalon shares almost all of its major components with the Lexus ES 350.

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