2015 Camry Solara
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What would a new 2015 Toyota Camry Solara Coupe look like?

The new Camry NASCAR racecar gives a glimpse of what a coupe version of the Camry would look like.

For many years there was a Camry coupe called Solara. It was available with an optional V6 and could also be bought as a convertible. The car was marketed by Toyota for about ten years starting in 1998 and ending in 2008. Prior the Solara in some markets Toyota sold a Camry Coupe. The Solara sold in relatively low numbers. In many other automakers’ product lineups the Solara would have been a decent seller, but given the Toyota volume it was an afterthought.

Could Solara Come Back?
Presently, Honda makes a coupe version of the Accord. Nissan dropped the Altima coupe in 2013. A Camry coupe might sell, but Toyota’s Lexus division has a convertible coupe in its Lexus Line called the IS 250C and IS 350C. These cars are more capable and more expensive than a Solar would be though. They are based on a rear-drive platform, whereas the Solara used the front-drive Camry platform. Lexus also has a new coupe called the RC coming in December.

Coupe Camry vs Sedan
The coupe version of a Camry is easy to see if one looks at the Camry NASCAR racecar. The doors get longer, the B-pillar gets pushed further back and the rear of the car gets more steeply raked. The new XSE trim of the Camry would fit this body design well. That new trim adds the sportier looks of the SE and the luxury features of the XLE together to get a car that is a little more than the sum of its parts.

Would You Buy A Coupe Camry?
Although we think it is unlikely, a Solar is easily doable by Toyota. The company did proclaim a new dedication more exciting and interesting cars recently. If you are a Toyota fan, would you consider a newly updated Camry Solara? If so, would you prefer a hard-top or convertible? Let us know in the comments section below.

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I like toyota to bring the solora coupe back so long as they don't limit the car to only a automatic transmission!!! They need to give both the coupe and convertible cars both a manual transmission in the 4-cylinder and v-six engines. Give the 4-cylinder 200-250 hp and the v-six engine 300-350 hp based on compotition.Oh yeah make the convertible a light weight aluminum retractible hard top. Make sure the convertibles trunk has a 13 cubic ft trunk. Give the solora a all wheel drive chassis for better winter driving traction. Try to make it affordible!! Call me with any questions toyota.
I would be very interested in buying an updated Solara!
I love Toyota solara's Iam a owner of one and I would love for y'all to bring a 2015 convertible solara out with a hard top and fully loaded.
I'd love a remake 2016 Solora convertible be seen on the road
I love my 1999 Solara, and haven't found anything worth trading it for...always driven a coupe! Please bring it back or I could make do with a Camry Coupe with a V6 of course!
I have a Camry Coupe 1994 and not change it for anything in the world, of course I'd buy another Camry Coupe. I love Camry Coupe.
I am and always will be a Solara fan and would trade my 2014 Accord in a heartbeat for one!
Honestly if you look at the 2012 Toyota Camry and you take off the back two doors and make it into a coupe , it would look like a badass coupe
I own an 08 Solara and love it. I would definitely go for an upgrade.
BRING BACK SOLARA CONVERTABLE!!!! I love my 2004 CONVERTABLE and would not trade it for any other CONVERTABLE except another SOLARA. This is why! My husband and I can fit 2 golf bags and a wheel cart in the trunk, I can fit 4 people comfortably in the car, 5 gets a little tight but it's capable. The only thing that I have ever had to do to my Toyota is routine maintenance. My husband has already gone through 3 cars and my Toyota has not needed any major repairs. The best of all. IT'S A SEXY CAR for a SEXY LADY!!!!!
I would love to see a hard-top convertible from Toyota! That would be a good option for a new car, whereas, the Lexus version would have to be a used vehicle for my budget.
I can relate. I own a 2010 Lexus IS 350C hard-top convertible and I did buy it pre-owned.
Solara is my all time favorite car. I had a 2008, but it was totaled. I bought a Camry in its place, but I miss my Solara every day. Would love to get another Solara back. There isn't a vehicle out there that compares. I would buy a 2016 Solara in a heartbeat!!! Please, Toyota!!!! Bring the Solara back!!!
I have a 2001 and a 2006 Solara convertible love them and feel it is highly unfair of the company to stop production on such a great car as the Solara so that Lexus can take over the spot light with its coup convertible. I'll never buy another Toyota again until the Solara returns!!! Stopping the productions of that car was a foolish decision. In referance from comment above I would like to know the percentage of converatables Solara sold. Bring back the Solara convertible.
I agree...I posted my feeling a few posts below yours...the Toyota Solara Convertible I had was an amazing car.....again I have a Mercedes CLK 350 which is a great car, but I really did love my FWD Toyota Solara Convertible!
Yes...please bring the Solara back. I have a 2007 & absolutely love my car. I would be in the market for a convertable...hard top would be perfect. I know Lexus already offers this type of model...but I have my heart set on a Solara. Toyota...please bring the Solara back. We need a stylish, reliable, performance machine at an affordable price...that spells SOLARA!
Please bring back the Solara. I love.....my Solara. Waiting for the come back. I would purchase a new one pronto.
Love my 2007 XLE Solara, would, purchase another one without hesitation. It's a solid and stylish car, always getting compliments on it, have never had a single problem with this car . . . . . BRING IT BACK!
I owned a great 2006 Toyota Solara Convertible...would still be driving it today had a kid in a van not t-boned and totaled the car. I would buy one in a heartbeat. The Solara was classy---many thought it was a Lexus, only for about half the price. I LOVE 2-door cars and so few are even made nowadays. I currently drive a 2008 Mercedes CLK350 Convertible. Love the car, it's amazing....but come on Toyota, bring back 2-door vehicles. There used to be a 2-door Corolla and Hatchback, Celica, and Camry Solara....they were all great cars, love to see them brought back.
Ever since I was 16 i wanted to own a solara and by the time I turned 20 I finally got one, I would love to stay in the Toyota family but the solara is the only cat that fits me. Please bring it back even if only as a trial I'm sure if you were creative enough you could make some dope improvements to the already perfect vehicle
I still own my 2000 solara. Love it and keep hoping solara will bring it back to get a new one.Please, it's a great car. Once a solara owner always a solara owner.
Please bring back the Solara! I would buy a hardtop luxury model. I bought my 2008 Solara XLE new and still own it as I haven't found anything I love enough to replace it with. I store it during the Wisconsin winters and always look forward to spring when I can drive it again!
I have had 2 Solaras. Loved them both. Would like a 3rd one, if Toyo would oblige and bring the Solara back!!!! Definitely hardtop.
Please bring the solara convertible back. Mine is a 2008,runs beautiful, but I would love a new one!
Absolutely yes - please bring back the Solara just as it was. Not everyone who wants a convertible can afford an expensive Lexus. Price it affordably, would be great.
I bought my 2001 Solara SLE new and still love driving it. PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the Solara, but with a hard top convertible option. My cat still looks great, only requires routine maintenance and is still fun and peppy to drive.
Yes absolutely. but I want a hard top convertible
I would definitely want to see Toyota bring back the Solara because they were very reliable. They feel like a Camry but the sport version. They were very easy to maintain & I think people would pay for a car like that. Whether it is convertible or hard top, the Solara would be the car that will put smiles on people's faces. Some people can't afford the Lexus models, so if Toyota brought back the Solara, they would give people another option to choose from. Right now, Toyota doesn't have any coupes to sell. So the the Solara would be the car to bring back if anything.
they should bring back the solara it was the best one they had in its line-up it was not boring like the rest of there line-up is and it was the only one that never had a recall unlike the camry did and i loved it and i would buy another converible from them if they bring it back its the only reason i would go back to recall toyota
Please bring back the Solara. I would love to buy a new one. A hardtop coupe with front wheel drive would be great.