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Week's Tesla News Includes Supercharger Rates, Staffing, Gigafactory, Stock News

This week was a busy one for Tesla Motors. In his weekly news reporting Alex Guberman, Tesla expert nd owner lays out the updates.

Alex Guberman, three-time Tesla Model S owner, and founder of the Facebook Model S Owner's club found many important topics to report on in his weekly video update. This week, he covers Supercharger Rates, a new staffer coming over from a little company named Apple, a Gigafactory snippet, and a stock price note.

As Torque News has reported, a new class of Tesla Owners will soon be paying for Supercharger usage. Alex says that the new rates are not so clear cut. He reports that Tesla says local regulations will mean prices vary. This Tesla fan asks "why?" If they were free for years why can't Tesla just charge one set, lower than market price rate?

Tesla has snagged another Apple employee. Alex points out that Elon Musk has made an interesting comment about Apple people in the past.

The Gigafactory will be generating a lot of solar power. Alex explains the Tesla battery factory's goals.

Finally, Alex lays out the stock price for the week. Up again. That should be great news to those who hold stock in this dynamic company.


Haggy (not verified)    January 17, 2017 - 8:42PM

Tesla made it clear why the rates will vary. Electricity costs different amounts in different states. Some states won't let Tesla charge based on how much electricity is used because Tesla is not a public utility. In those places, Tesla will have to charge by the minute because they have no choice.

Tesla did not create a new class of owners. They merely changed the policy for new vehicles so that any purchased from now on will come with free supercharging in an amount equal to what the average customer was using before. Any amount over that will have a nominal fee, but for typical buyers it will still be free. None of those charges will be a factor at all except for above average users, and then they will be nominal compared to gasoline.