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Weekly Tesla News Update Includes Another New Supercharger Fee

The weekly news by industry expert Alex Guberman has some interesting year-end topics.

This week's Tesla Motors news update with three-time Model S owner, and Tesla Facebook club founder, Alex Guberman, has some very interesting topics.

First up, Tesla has instituted a second new Supercharger fee. This one is interesting because it is intended to help manage the traffic at the now crowded Superchargers.
- More on the first new Supercharger fee here

Just as Torque News has predicted, Donald Trump has found a lot in common with Elon Musk. President-elect Trump invited Musk to a meeting of high-tech innovators, and then went further and has asked Musk to be a strategic advisor to the White House. From our pro-American-made standpoint, these two are a match made in heaven. If they can just get past their own personalities.

Musk makes the news again with an idea to alleviate traffic with tunnels.

Last, Tesla stock finished up this week. Unless we are mistaken, that makes two consecutive up weeks for Tesla. Rare, but welcome.