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Weekly Tesla News Covers CR’s Poor Review of X and More

This week’s Tesla News hits a wide range of topics from Consumer Reports’ Model X review, to a large Solar City project announcement.

Tesla Motors expert, and three-time Tesla owner, Alex Guberman covers some interesting news this week in his weekly report. First up, Alex touches on the new, somewhat negative, Consumer Reports’ review of the Model X crossover/minivan. The group did not see the Model X in the same light that many fans and owners do, citing a lack of utility. Alex correctly points out that the Model X launched with many glitches, however, those have been for the most part addressed as production progressed in to year two.

Alex finds the model codes for the Tesla line will conclude with S3XY, which in some ways of printing spell out SEXY. The Model Y, which will follow the Model 3 (still one or more years away) may complete this model code sequence.

On a separate, but now related topic, Tesla Motor’s pending acquisition partner, Solar City, will power an island. For those that have been in the power industry for longer than either Tesla or Solar City have been in business, this makes perfect sense. Solar was always a viable solution for small, remote locations, not already served by cost-effective on-site power generation.

Alex concludes with a note about Tesla stock. This week the stock news is not as bright as last week’s.

As always, Alex produces his videos independant of Torque News.