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Watch the 2016 Toyota Tacoma un-stuck itself

This may be the most impressive new capability of the all-new Tacoma.


At a recent 2016 Tacoma regional overview that Toyota put on for the New England Motor Press, there was a lot to learn about the Tacoma. We already knew about the new drivetrain. We also knew about all the little things that Toyota did to improve the best-selling mid-size truck in America. Some of the things we learned can only be explained properly by watching the Tacoma in action, so we hope you will take a minute to check out this short video.

The new 2016 Toyota Tacoma has amazing off-road abilities. We say this from experience, having run a course set up Land Rover at an International Motor Press Event held at the Amazing Monticello Motor Club, and now having tested out the Tacoma’s climbing and descent capabilities at this second event.

Some background on the video is helpful. Toyota put all that sand up on the hill. The hosts of the event then brought the Tacoma up there and proceeded to do all the wrong things so it would get stuck intentionally. As you can see, the truck is basically high-spotted. It is up to its belly in loose sand. The folks speaking in the video are the event hosts helping the attendees get a sense of what the Tacoma is capable of. The sand is meant to represent any type of situation in which a driver might find themselves, snow, mud, whatever.

Watch as the Tacoma frees itself. The driver is not helping.