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U.S. Toyota Tundra, Tacoma plant tops 4 million engines

The Alabama plant reaches a milestone.


Toyota makes four, six, and eight-cylinder engines for seven of the automaker’s top-selling models at its Alabama plant. In addition to making the engines for the Tacoma and Tundra, the plant produces the engines for the RAV 4, Camry, Venza, Highlander, and Sequoia. Since 2003, the plant has produced 1 million four-cylinder engines, 1.3 million V6 engines, and 1.7 million V8 engines. Each day 2,500 engines are built at the plant. In total, the horsepower produced by these engines since 2003 exceeds a billion. The 4 millionth engine to roll off the line was a four-cylinder.

1,300 employees work at the Alabama TMS plant, which is the only one in the world to produce all three cylinder sizes for the company. The plant has seen four major expansions totaling nearly one billion dollars. Jim Bolte, president of Toyota Alabama, commented on the milestone, saying. “It was an exciting day. This is a testament to our team members – they are dedicated to building high-quality engines. And, whether it was the first in 2003, or the 4 millionth, the same amount of detail and craftsmanship goes into each one.”

Toyota has ten U.S. automotive plants employing 33,000 Americans. Four other North American Plants employing 9,000 people also boost domestic production of Toyota products for the markets they are made in.

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