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Unique Sleeper Lexus GS300 With Supra Twin Turbo Engine For Sale

This Craigslist Lexus GS 300 has a surprise under the hood.

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An experienced engine tuner and mechanic Torque News has long followed and often used as an expert commentator is about to sell a unique Lexus. The GS 300 in the image above has had the 245 hp V6 engine removed and replaced with the engine from an Aristo, the home-market GS 300 sod in Japan.

The Aristo had the "280hp" engine from Toyota back when the Japanese manufacturers were still officially limiting the peak hp ratings as a sort of gentlemen's agreement to keep the hp war from escalating too rapidly. The same engine in the Toyota Supra produced 320 hp. That isn't the only way the hp of this particular car is known, though. It has seen 320hp on a dyno run.

The car also has an Aristo fuel pump and Aristo auto transmission. The owner has upgraded the intercooler. As it sits, the car is relatively quick, but a tuner could turn this car into a 400hp to 1,000 hp car with the appropriate budget and time.

See more details and images on this unique car at the Craigslist posting. Please don't pester the seller unless you are interested. Cars from this seller (like the one in the video below) don't last long, so if you have been looking for a Supra or an imported Toyota/Lexus to tune, you may want to act.

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