Toyota Tacoma Owners Need To Know About This TSB
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Transform the way your 2016 Toyota Tacoma Drives – Here’s How

A transmission reflash Toyota has kept quiet is making some Tacoma owners very happy.

Does your 2016 Tacoma equipped with an automatic transmission seem a little bit off? Does it hunt for gears while cruising sometimes, or when you are on a slight incline? Have you felt that the cruising RPMs are a bit higher than you would have expected? Is there a delayed engagement shifting from Park to Drive or into Reverse? What about skipped shifts, slipping transmission and lurching? If you have had any of these issues, read on.

Toyota has issued a Technical Service Bulleting (TSB) 0077-16 that can transform the way the transmission in the 2016 Tacoma operates. Reviews from owners that have had the service performed are mainly positive, with many being entirely positive. Torque News reviewed forums, clubs, and Youtube videos discussing the results of the TSB and our favorite was the one below from Taco Bandit.

Although the TSB documentation from Toyota lists only a few issues, owners are reporting the fix solves more problems with the transmission. Taco Bandit summed up his truck’s driving experience overall after the TSB by saying “It actually does feel like an all-new truck. It’s very very pleasant to drive now.”

If your Tacoma is having problems shifting in any way, it would be well worth your time to have the truck looked at and ask if TSB 0077-16 might be applicable to your truck. Please note that manual Tacomas are not included (in case that was not obvious). If you have had the TSB done to your Tacoma, we would love for you to place a comment below to help other owners.

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Is bulletin TSB oo77-16 available in Ontario Canada? My son's Tacoma needs to be replaced or corrected and Toyota has offered him nothing in repairs to solve transmission problems sopfar. Sincerely Gord Westover
Is your transmission fixed yet .i have been fighting since last july ,left it at the dealer 2 times 1 week each transmission flares between 6 to 9 hundred rpm on the 3 - 4 shift only cold .not every morning ,its been reflashed ,fluid checked multiple times,filled ,drained excetera.i also am in ontario.other than trading it ,toyota seems to be dragging there heels.
I had the update performed on my 2016 Tacoma but it only helped minimal and held for about a month then went right back to its old tricks and the dealer is telling me that the truck is performing as designed. I have hired a lawyer and asking for my money back. I am furious at this stage. It might be worth noting that my truck performed just fine for the first year and then the transmission just went haywire.
Good luck with the lawsuit!! There are lots of tacoma owners in the same boat. Drop me a line if you win! I'd like to hire the same lawyer. This issue might be suitable for a class action suit.
My 16 tacoma flares 6-9 hundred rpm cold only on the 3-4 shift,im getting fed up with the excuses im getting.
I appealed to the Toyota headquarters and filed a formal complaint. My complaint was denied, next step would be to hire a lawyer and sue. It's not worth it to me, I'll just take the hit and trade it in or sell it. This truck earned it's Consumers Report rating of "Worst Truck of the Year" This transmission/engine combo is a disaster! If anyone get a class action suit going I want in!
Ordered one of the first 2016 models. Ran great for a while and then transmission started acting up. Re-flashed, ran great and reverted back to junk. I have a great service adviser who has worked with me thru three Tacomas. He was as frustrated as I am. Toyota advised to drive the truck in ECT mode if I didn't like the way it shifted. I am in for a class action. No more Taco's for me..
I blind ordered my Tacoma Limited due to the reputation. Oh am I sorry I bought it. Had the transmission flash and I still hate the shifting. only time this truck performs is when I go to pass someone then, it takes off like a rocket. I hate this truck big time. I am certainly in for a class action... I want my money back. $40,000 for a junky truck, even the engine sounds like a junker.
Join the club. Wish I had read this thread before I bought mine too. Certainly worthy of the title "Worst Truck of The Year" that Consumers Report gave it. Good luck with any resolution from the dealer or Toyota. They should give us all new transmissions!
Does TSB 0077-16 cover the 2014 Tacoma? My issue is the transmission is very slow to upshift after accelerating. I try to coax into upshifting by taking my foot off the gas, which seems to help, but it is still slow to upshift.