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Toyota's RAV4 Hybrid Crossover Is Canada's 2017 Green Utility Vehicle of the Year

Toyota's RAV4 Hybrid is Canada's Green Utility Vehicle of the year.

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) has voted the 2017 RAV4 Hybrid its Canadian Green Utility Vehicle of the Year. The RAV4's win makes it a perfect pairing with the Toyota Prius Hybrid, which took top honors as Canadian Green Vehicle of the Year.

The Hybrid trim of Toyota's top-selling compact crossover combines a strong 194 hp drivetrain with an outstanding 7.3L / 100km city/highway combined fuel efficiency rating making it more powerful and also more fuel efficient than most of the competitors in its price range.

Cyril Dimitris, Vice-President, Toyota Canada Inc. commented on the RAV4's honors, saying, "The RAV4 Hybrid combines Toyota's top-selling compact utility vehicle in Canada with the fuel efficiency and low emissions of the world's most proven hybrid power train – and the result is a win for drivers, for communities, and for the planet." Dimitris added, "We're delighted that members of AJAC agree, and thank them for this important award."

In addition to its outstanding fuel economy and all-wheel drive capabilities, the RAV4 Hybrid also is one of the safest crossovers in Canada. With active safety systems across all trims, it does not require that families choose between safety and a price point.