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Toyota Tacoma Outsells GM Colorado and Canyon By How Much in 2016?

Toyota Tacoma vs. Colorado and Canyon - 2016 Sales Wrap Up

Toyota's plant expansions and shift maximization efforts enabled it to produce and sell about 7% more Tacomas in 2016. For the year, the company sold a total of 191,631 Tacomas, while still producing and selling 115,489 Tundras. Toyota's Tundra sales declined by about 3,000 units as it balanced the output from its shared truck lines in Texas and Mexico.

General Motors' capacity improvements yielded much greater percentage gains. The Colorado and Canyon were both up substantially in 2016. The Chevy Colorado grew by almost 30% to a total of 108,725 trucks. The GMC Canyon grew by about 25% to 37,449. Thus, GM was able to produce and sell 146,174 midsize trucks, up from basically zero about 30 months ago.

Toyota thus outsold the GM twins by about 25% or 45,457 units. Both GM and Toyota could have sold more if they had been able to produce the volume the marketplace was asking for.

Perhaps the happiest midsize truck maker in the U.S. was Nissan, who sold 86,926 Frontiers - an incredible increase of about 39% over 2015. Honda too joined the party and its new Ridgeline won critical acclaim and earned sales of about 4,000 units per month at the end of 2016 to total 23,667 units sold.