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Toyota Models Top 2016 NADA Resale Value Charts

Toyota’s legendary reliability puts its models at the top of most key segments regarding resale value.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has just released its annual Perspectives recap of resale values, and like last year, Toyota is again the big winner. NADA calls Toyota the “Best Non-Luxury Brand,” but look deeper and what is also obvious is that Toyota makes the vehicles wit the highest overall resale value, luxury or not.

The number one vehicle on the entire list for resale value is the compact utility vehicle, the FJ Cruiser. Note that the resale value of this now discontinued model is valid because NADA’s resale values are calculated from actual transactions, these are not estimates or projections of what a model might do in the future. The FJ Cruiser retains an amazing 92.5% of its resale value after three years. Toyota’s top-selling RAV4 is number three on that list with a resale value of 61.4% after three years.

Looking over the list, Toyota vehicles seem to dominate in every one of the hottest sales categories. In trucks, the full-size Tundra takes its category with a 64.8% retained value. The midsize Tacoma also tops its segment, earning a 72.9% rating. Tacoma is ahead by a country mile in value retention compared to its peers and is more than 10 percentage points ahead of the Nissan Frontier. Remember that the Colorado and Canyon were off the market three years ago.

NADA’s report says of Toyota’s value retention, “Toyota vehicles dominated pickup truck, SUV and van segment value retention in this year’s report. As a result, the brand ranked highest in their respective segments six times…” Don’t get the impression Toyota’s resale values are high just in trucks. The Scion xB was the highest-rated subcompact car on the list as well, and Toyota models are high on the list in almost all categories. See the list for yourself here.