Toyota RAV4 Will Pass Camry As Top Seller
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2017 Toyota RAV4 Will Pass Camry As Top-Selling Model

The tea leaves tell us that the Toyota Camry will fall to number two soon behind the unstoppable RAV4.

The 2016 Toyota RAV4 is having an unbelievable sales year. With 31,871 units sold in July, it out-sold the Toyota Corolla (31,717) and was the number-two-selling vehicle in Toyota’s U.S. portfolio. In addition to being the number two selling vehicle at Toyota the RAV4 now also outsells the entire Lexus brand in the U.S.

Although the 2016 Toyota Camry has so far stayed ahead of the RAV4, midsize sedan sales are declining. The Camry is down about 8% for the year to date and was down 11% in July. The RAV4 also came very close to outselling the Honda Accord in July. While midsize sedans have slowed, crossovers are surging. The RAV4 has seen a 16% increase year to date and in July it was up 19%. By Torque News estimates the new model year 2017 RAV4 will pass the Camry and Accord as soon as this December.

Honda’s CR-V is also selling well, and its month of sales topped the RAV4 in July, though it is still a few thousand units behind the RAV4 year to date. Both have traded the top sales position in recent months. Pickup trucks remain the top-selling individual segment, but midsize crossovers are now larger than any car segment in sales according to GM, who noted this in a press release earlier this year.

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Never underestimate the American motoring public for their desire for uninspired vehicle transportation. Remove many standard features, the option of a V6, then produce a clone for Lexus and Voila, the current RAV4. Toyota should be congratulated for their insight.
Different strokes for different folks. Rav4 is already very powerful for most of the people and you have a weak memory. A few years ago, Toyota was blamed, because of sudden unintended acceleration that killed many people. Those unfortunate people killed, because they could not think of clearly and turn the ignition key off, due to extraordinary rapid acceleration rate. You might find a 100hp yaris accelerating from 60-110 boring, but mind you some other people find equally boring the performance of a modified 2000 hp (or even more) sport car.
Jerry, I seriously doubt that Toyota's evolution of the RAV4 to 4-cyl / <180hp, had anything to do with sudden acceleration, but emissions and higher CAFE mpg requirements. We have a 200+ hp RAV4, BTW -- why would that be around, given your assumption the lawsuit and (rightfully at least) negative press would forbid such a vehicle? Because it gets better mpg, adds AWD, and uses tech Toyota didn't have to newly develop (meaning more profit). Camry (whose V6 Lexus ES version was infamously involved in on of the worst SA incidents), still has a V6, still 268hp. Why? It's even being replaced by a turbo Four next generation, why is that? :D
Today's vehicle manufactures are producing vehicles mostly directed by government mandates, not consumer desires. Four-cylinder engines, turbos, CVT transmissions (next RAV4), defective airbags, and other undesirables. I've ceased purchasing new vehicles. Recently, I sold a car I owned for 36 years - maybe I'll try for the distance again :).