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Toyota & Lexus Dominate List of Most Reliable Certified Pre-Owned Cars

In a new study half of the top eight most reliable cars come from Toyota and Lexus.


Toyota and Lexus have built a legacy of quality, dependability, and reliability. So it is not much of a surprise that these brands would appear on a list of the Eight Most Reliable Certified Pre-Owned Cars. Still, when they make up half of the top models it is still impressive.

In its most recent listing, J.D. Power compiled the most reliable cars using its dependability ratings. These ratings are derived from owner-reports, not the opinions of editors. This particular list is interesting to CPO buyers because it looks at 2015 model year cars. These are cars now coming off of 36 or 39-month leases and being put into the CPO fleets that make up a huge percentage of vehicle sales these days. These vehicles all come with comprehensive warranties backed by the automakers and undergo a bit of screening to weed out the rare problem child cars.

The eight vehicles that J.D. Power found to be the most reliable were the following:
Lexus CT
Lexus GS
Lexus ES
Toyota Prius
Chevy Malibu
Buick LaCrosse
Kia Rio
Dodge Challenger

Interestingly, a quarter of the list are hybrids, the Prius and Lexus CT, which share a lot of their mechanicals. Commenting on the Lexus CT, the group said, "...the CT 200h is exceptionally dependable and offers a measure of design coupled with upscale interior fittings." Of the Prius the group said, "Bulletproof reliability, a roomy interior for up to five people, lots of luggage space, and excellent gas mileage make this affordable hybrid practical and inexpensive to buy and own."