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Toyota Lexus Announce Huge New Takata Airbag Recall Expansion

This new recall involves over 1.5 million Toyotas and Lexus Vehicles.

Now one of the largest recall programs in history, the Takata airbag debacle continues to grow. This week, Lexus and Toyota are announcing that 1,584,000 more vehicles in their fleet are impacted.

The vehicles included this time are equipped with a specific type of Takata inflator. Takata says that a defect in front passenger airbag inflators in the involved vehicles could cause the bag to rupture when the airbag deploys. Takata goes on to say that this is caused by inflator propellant degrading after long-term exposure to high humidity, high temperatures, and high temperature cycling. In other words, the environment every airbag in America is exposed to.

Toyota and Lexus say the vehicles included in this recall are:
2009 - 2011 MY Corolla, Matrix
2006 - 2011 MY Yaris
2010 - 2011 MY 4Runner
2011 MY Sienna
2008 - 2011 MY Scion xB
2007 - 2011 MY Lexus ES
2010 – 2011 MY Lexus GX
2006 – 2011 MY Lexus IS

As required by federal law, all owners of the vehicles invlove will be mailed a letter by Toyota or Lexus. Those who wish to look and see now if their vehicle might be included on the new recall expansion can check here.