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Toyota creates the ultimate triathlon RAV 4

For those that take swim, bike, run seriously, there are few better platforms to build a support vehicle on than the 2014 Toyota RAV 4

The 2014 Toyota RAV 4 is about to hit dealers and for those who swim-bike-run the affordable and fun RAV 4 might make a great triathlon truckster. Every triathlete knows that part of the key to a successful race is comfortably moving one’s self and one’s gear to and from the venue. Toyota and LifeTime Fitness have teamed up to create the ultimate triathlon transportation vehicle.

Built as part of Toyota’s SEMA show display, the vehicle was created not by car designers, but rather by triathletes themselves. LifeTime Fitness teamed up with Team Toyota triathletes Sarah Haskins, Andy Potts and Hunter Kemper to put into the new RAV 4 exactly those elements that a racer might need on the way to a race, at the race, and after the race. The Motorsports Technical Center in Torrance, Calif., then built the vehicle. Let’s take a look at what this special RAV 4 has to offer in reverse order.

Toyota RAV 4 After the Race

What could be better after a grueling triathlon than a personal shower? The LifeTime Fitness RAV 4 has a hot water, 5-gallon shower mounted on the back hatch. While the athlete cleans up her wet suit can be drip-drying into the waterproof storage area in the rear next to the spin-dryer for her swim suit. Kemper likes the shower, saying “For always on-the-go triathletes, this RAV4 will help us train, recover and clean up in a private space.” Up-front, the RAV 4 has a shiatsu massager built into the front seat to help work out the kinks. To help put back the electrolytes the RAV 4 has a Blendtec® blender-juicer mounted on top of the refrigerator, which is of course stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, sports-drinks, Powerbars, Goo and any sort of post-race goodies one desires.

There is an integrated iPad in the front. Commenting on the convenience of the RAV 4 post-race Haskins said “This fun RAV4 brings together a triathlete’s passion for a healthy, active lifestyle and the drive for pushing ourselves to race faster and smarter. The cutting-edge tools incorporated in the vehicle will help us continue to build our racing skills, while enabling us to relax a little too.” Haskins has 29 professional wins and she is considered one of the top triathletes in the United States.

Toyota RAV 4 Getting to the Race
The RAV 4 has all-wheel drive to ensure that regardless of the race parking facilities the RAV 4 can negotiate the conditions. Aggressive BF Goodrich All-terrain tires will make even the muddiest, roughest roads and staging areas fun. The built-in touch screen navigation and information system will provide not just directions, but also lodging and dining options along the way.

Up top, the LifeTime Fitness RAV 4 can accommodate two bikes easily, yet securely. There is also a roof pod for a long-weekends worth of clothing and spare parts. The RAV 4 also has a convenient bike-holder for assembly, tuning, and post-race strip down. The holder allows for good ergonomics during mechanical work, and it is covered by the tailgate in case rain is pouring down during the pre-race set-up.

While the triathlete is competing, the RAV 4 provides a secure location for spare parts, street-clothes, valuables, and of course a complete platform for race data-logging.

Kemper summed up the fun of outfitting a vehicle like the RAV 4 for racers, saying “I loved contributing to this fun project and can’t wait to see this car at the finish line.”

If you swim, bike, run, please tell us below what other features you would like to see on a triathlon support vehicle.


Miguel marquez (not verified)    November 5, 2013 - 11:05PM

Something I would really like for this rav 4 to have is some kind of security or bike chain to keep bike safe while you go for a quick store run without you worried about your bike.