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TN's Best Green Car Stories of 2016

Green cars are a hot topic and 2016 had some interesting developments. Here are the top stories for 2016.

Green cars are undergoing a huge transformation. Range is doubling and prices are dropping dramatically in just a short span of time, less than a year really. Here are some selected stories about EVs and fuel sippers we found of interest in 2016.

Toyota Prius Prime - Don't Call It A Comeback
It is only fitting that we start our list with the U.S. market's top-selling green car, the Toyota Prius. During 2016 the Prius continued to outsell every other green car. In most months, the Prius family also outsells all the Battery Electric models combined. However, it isn't the all-new Prius hybrid that is the hot news. Rather, it is the HOV-lane approved Prius Prime plug-in. "2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In: Back In the Fast Lane"

Chevy Bolt Disrupts BEV Market
TN's newest member reported the news the first Bolt was sold in Freemont California. Hmm, why does that town sound familiar? Dave Ashton explains in "Number One Chevrolet Bolt Delivered Right In Tesla's Back Yard"

Tesla Model 3 - Just Around the Corner?
Our site's leader, Armen Hareyan doesn't offer many self-written stories, but he had some upbeat news for Tesla owners waiting with baited breath for their Model 3 to arrive: "Good News for Tesla Model 3 Pre-orders: Why You EV May Come Earlier Than Thought"

VW Quits On Liquid Fuel?
VW lied to us all. Diesel is dirty and VW's claims otherwise have cost the company billions and its workers their jobs in huge numbers. Rather than reinforce defeat, VW is instead pivoting. Marc Stern explains why we all might benefit from this: 'VW To Become Your Go-To Source For Electric Vehicles"