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New Update -Tesla factory accident

Three workers operating a low pressure press were reported injured by hot metal. Musk visits workers at area hospital.

Capping a very tough week for Tesla is news of a serious injury at the Freemont California manufacturing plant. Local news source, the San Jose Mercury News reports that two workers were injured and another seriously when a hot metal press failed. Other news sources reported a helicopter over the factory and fire trucks and first responders on scene today at about noon (Wednesday the 13th).

Mr. Musk has yesterday said he would visit the workers in person and will see that they receive the best possible care. Ironically, this comes one day after Mr. Musk gave an interview in which he started no person had ever been seriously injured in a Tesla (Model S) vehicle.

Update - Mr. Musk did visit the three workers and on local TV news confirmed they were burned by molten aluminum. One worker has been released from the hospital and two remain in the hospital.

This week saw news of the lower than expected Q3 earning for the company, and a string of crash-related fires hyped by the media. Hopefully, the bad news has come in threes and the company and its people will now move past these issues. Torque News Will update this story if further information becomes available.

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