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Tesla Stock Comparison To GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda 1 Year After Model 3 Arrived

Tesla delivered the first Model 3 cars to owners one business year ago today. Here's how Tesla stock has done in that year compared to the market and compared to Tesla's peers.

One business year ago today, Tesla delivered the first Model 3 cars to customers at its gala launch event. The Model 3 has been cast by Tesla and Elon Musk as the most important of its impressive vehicles. We have reported on Tesla owners who reportedly funded their Model 3 by investing in Tesla stock. We thought it would be a good idea to check back on the Tesla stock topic now that the new Model 3 is entering its second calendar year.

Tesla stockTesla Stock Performance
Tesla's stock price, on July 27, 2017 was $344.46. We didn't cherry pick that day. In the days following the Model 3 launch the stock declined. At the close of the market today, the stock was valued at $306.65. A net decline of 11%.

Dow JonesDow Jones Industrial Average
The Dow was at $21,796.55 on July 27, 2017. Today the Dow closed at $25,527.07. A 15% increase. Overall, the stock market has been great in the past year and continuously rising through the first half of the past year and then levelling off.

GM Stock
General Motors stock rose about 2% over the past year.

Ford Stock
Tesla's stock has beaten Ford's this past year. Ford is down 12% for the year.

Honda Stock
Honda's stock has risen about 8% this past year.

Toyota stockToyota Stock
Toyota has the most impressive stock gains in this comparison among the automakers we have compared. TM, traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is up 16% for the past year. Sales and profits have been robust.

We've opted to stick to stocks listed on American exchanges traded in dollars. Over the past year, the Dow Jones industrial average has dramatically outpaced Tesla stock and Toyota looks to be the big winner in terms of stock price gains for the past year in the auto segment among major automakers.

Images courtesy of Google, NYSE, and NASDAQ
Author note: The author has never held Tesla stock and does not own any individual stocks.