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Tesla News Video This Week Includes Free Supercharger Extension

Tesla Motors News from expert and owner Alex Guberman covers multiple topics of interest this week.

This week's Tesla Motors news video from Tesla expert, owner, and founder of the Tesla Model S club has many interesting topics.

First up, Tesla Motors has decided to push out the date upon which it will create a second class of Tesla owners - those who don't get unlimited free Supercharger services. The extension is until January 15th, so if you snoozed through the first deadline, you still have time to get a Tesla and enjoy free charging with no limits.

A new over the air autopilot update went into effect on January 1st. More ominously a coming Autopilot update will restrict Tesla vehicles to the posted speed limit.

A tweet by Elon Musk hints that Superchargers could double the speed at which they add power to Tesla cars.

Finally, Tesla's Stock finished down 11% for the year. In case anyone hadn't noticed, the stock market in general, had a fantastic up year, with the Dow up 13.4%. Thus, a Tesla owner who invested in Tesla instead of a basket of funds mimicking the Dow "lost" about 25% on that investment choice.

Alex creates his videos independent of Torque News. We are pleased to post them for our readers.