Tesla News -Elon Musk to meet President-elect Trump
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Tesla News Includes Meeting Between Trump and Musk

This week's Tesla news has quite a bit of infor for fans of the brand.

This week, Alex Guberman, three-time Tesla Model S owner, and founder of the Facebook Tesla Model S Owner's Club, brings up some very interesting topics.

First up, Elon Musk will be among business leaders invited by President-elect Donald Trump to meet and discuss the high-tech business climate in America. The media and social media hope to pose Musk and Trump as adversaries, but Torque News believes the two have much in common and share common goals.

Alex covers Tesla's plans to expand its Freemont manufacturing capacity to accommodate the Model 3. Our only question is why hasn't this been done already?

Is the Supercharger network dissapointing owners? Musk says yes and promises to take action.

Alex finishes his independantly produced news with a report on Tesla stock which can't seem to be up or down longer than a week in a row.

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