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Tesla Model 3 Vinegar Smell? Here's How To Solve It.

If you own a Tesla Model 3 and have that vinegar smell so many owners complain about there is no need to go to a service center. Here's what to do.

The Tesla Model 3 has earned a spot at the top of the premium/performance sales charts. Now dominating its segment, the Model 3 is becoming more and more common on the roads. Owners report very few problems with the Model 3 that can be solved at home. One that they do report is a vinegar smell from the air vents. You can fix it yourself if you like for about $20.

Tesla Model 3 Minimal Maintenence
One thing owners say attracted them to the Model 3 was the minimal routine maintenance the vehicle requires. Unlike the Model X and Model S, the Model3 is relatively affordable to maintain according to the manufacturer's recommendations. In fact, owners can do some of the simple things themselves right in their own garage. The smelly air vents is one of them.

Tesla Model 3 Cabin Air Filters
The Tesla cabin air filters are a bit trickier to replace than those in most common vehicles (like the Honda line), but it certainly falls within the unskilled DIY category. Watch the video above if you have any questions.

Buy Tesla Parts At
You can buy your Tesla parts at your local service center. There are only a couple in all of the seven New England states so, if you live near one it is purely luck. Replacement parts can be obtained at your doorstep next day in most cases if you are an Amazon Prime member (and who isn't?)

Owners of Tesla cars that have replaced their filters report great results. Here's what owner Jesse reported after changing the filters: "This kit did the trick. I clearly had something in my air filters inside my Model 3 because I was getting a bad smell at times through the AC. I installed this right away, and the order is gone. They look exactly like the ones I replaced so I feel confident I have the correct item in my car. Comes with a clear set of install instructions, and you can find videos posted on YouTube that walk you through the process. Overall quite happy with these."

Amazon has hundreds of other parts and accessories for your Model 3 as well. And, as always, most have pages of reviews you can read before you commit. If you have had good luck changing your own parts on a Tesla Model3 tell us in the comments below how it went and where you sourced the parts.

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