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Tesla Inc., News This Week: New Name, Failed Crash Test, Elon Musk & Politics

This week's Tesla Inc., News has some unusually big stories for the all-EV brand.

Reflecting its broad range of services, Tesla has dropped the "Motors" from its name. The acquisition of Solar City means that Tesla is now a green products company that also makes a car brand. Hardly anyone ever used the "Motors" part of Tesla's name in normal conversation, so it won't be missed.

After long being unqualified to earn the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety's top scores due to not offering forward collision prevention with emergency auto braking, Tesla's Model S was finally tested by the group. Tesla failed the test in four areas, disqualifying the cars tested for the top ranking, which is now earned by almost every mainstream economy car. Alex points out that the Model S had trouble with one crash test, but there are three other reasons that Tesla did not earn the top score as we previously reported in detail.

A debate is now raging in the Tesla forums about Elon Musk's participation in a council organized by President Trump. Some feel that Musk should drop out, while others say staying in the conversation may be the most beneficial way Musk can contribute. Alex points out in the video that some who have a reservation for a Model 3 have "Threatened to cancel" their order. Presumably, they would then instead buy an affordable BEV from GM or Ford, whose executives also participate in the council.

Finally, Alex brings up to date on Tesla stock. Please watch the video.