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Study Says Toyota Truck Owners Most Likely To Help You Move

If you need a buddy to help you move, ask your pal with the Tacoma or Tundra. Here’s why.

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When it is time to move, you know the instinct; “Jethro has a pickup. I’ll ask him to help me!” Indeed, it’s worth asking. Only 2% of pickup owners report never saying yes to a move help request.

In a study (and we are not saying this is the most scientific of studies conducted) done by, it turned out that owners of Toyota trucks were the most likely to help you move. Which brand of truck has owners least likely to help you move? That would be the Chevy folks.

Survey image by American Trucks

If you are reading this story as a truck owner you may be among the 90% of truck owners who felt at least slightly annoyed at being asked to use or borrow their pickup. If you are being asked, you may want to consider the upside. Owners of trucks who have helped people move report that they got food, got cash, or got a job offer. More than a quarter say they even got… Ah, let’s just say they were offered affection.

More than four out of five truck owners say they have lent their truck to someone. More women than men are willing to loan a truck. Again, if you are thinking about loaning yours, consider that 81% report that when they did loan their truck it was damaged.

So what do folks who want to borrow your truck want to do with it? Moving is tied with pickup up something very large that has been purchased. Hauling things to the dump is next. Can we still say dump, or is that hate speech? Maybe we mean Transfer Station. Or recycling center. Whatever.

As a past and future truck owner, I can tell you that it does get old. One reason I don’t own one anymore is that I am very picky. I don't like my rims covered in curb rash, dents, broken lights, cigarette smoke inside it, or a half-eaten McRib under the seat. I am not alone. 57% of owners say they are annoyed when asked if their truck can be borrowed, and 64% regret buying a truck.

If you own a truck, tell us in the comments below how you feel about using it to help others.

Image of Toyota Tundra courtesy of Toyota.

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