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Safety Group's Conclusion On 2018 Toyota Camry Is Unusual

In an unusual move, the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety has said specifically where the Toyota Camry ranks among top-selling cars. Here's a hint; Tesla and Volvo can't keep up.


The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) typically just reports on how well a vehicle's test goes and refrains from stating where it ranks. That is why IIHS saying that "Among midsize cars (that scored high on all tests), the 2018 Camry stands at the top" is a bit out of the norm. IIHS also named the 2018 Toyota Camry a Top Safety Pick Plus.

Camry Tops Tesla Model S and Volvo
IIHS plans to up the bar for the top rankings this year, but has not yet announced details. Whatever the coming challenges are, Camry must have aced them because as the infographic shows its scores could not be higher. In addition to a Good score on the small frontal overlap test, something the pricey Tesla Model S could not achieve given two tries, the Camry also scores Good on its optional headlights and no lower than acceptable on all other trims' headlights. This is an area that kept multiple Volvos, like the new XC90 off the Top Safety Pick Plus list in recent years.

2018 Camry Headlights Score High
In its report summary on the top-selling Camry, IIHS said of the Camry's headlights, "The Camry's good-rated, curve-adaptive headlights are only available as optional equipment on the Hybrid XLE trim. Otherwise, the car comes with acceptable headlights. High-beam assist, which switches between high beams and low beams depending on the presence of other vehicles, comes standard."

Camry Fast-Facts
The Toyota Camry is America's top-selling sedan. Often cited as the most American-Made car, the Camry is all-new for 2018.