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Report: "Tesla Model 3 Goes From Zero To Engulfed In Flames In 3.5 Seconds"

Satirical publication The Onion has us laughing out loud at its take on the Tesla Model 3.

Satirical publication The Onion has a unique way of taking truths about certain aspects of a subject and weaving them into a funny urban myth sort of comedy. The Onion's latest target for its ribbing is the Tesla Model 3, which the publication claims can go "From zero to engulfed in flames in 3.5 seconds."

What we like about the title is the blend of a realistic-sounding 0-60 MPH time coupled with the Tesla in flames link. Early Tesla Model S cars had some difficulty with catching fire and were recalled to install a fire-preventative measure. Still, a recent celebrity video post showing a Tesla in flames helped to keep the memory alive.

The Onion's post also cracks us up for its quotes fictitiously attributed to Elon Musk. Included are:
- “The Model 3 is the most efficient, fastest-burning passenger car available for under $40,000.”
- "Our engineers have designed an innovative, highly responsive, fully electric vehicle that we’re confident in calling the most volatile in its class."
- "Tesla’s unique combination of chemical and electrical flames are three times as persistent as archaic gasoline fires."
- "The Model 3’s increased range gives our customers the freedom to incinerate themselves farther from home."

Although succinct, the Onion story manages to bring in funny references to Ludicrous Mode and the Tesla Semi as well as the Model 3. As far as we can tell, this is the Onion's first direct stab at a Tesla Vehicle. However, the publications has poked fun at Elon Musk many times. Some previous titles include, "Elon Musk Insists He’d Be Much More Innovative Pedophile Than Thailand Rescue Worker," and "SpaceX Reveals All 400 Dogs On Falcon Rocket Failed To Survive Trip."

We hope you will check out the Model 3 story at the Onion, if only to see the image they came up with.

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