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One Perfect Image Explains the Allure of the Toyota Tacoma Off-Road Pickup

Automakers spend billions trying to convey their image of how their cars and trucks might be used. One owner did it better.

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Automakers spend billions trying to convey their image of how their cars and trucks might be used. Toyota has run advertisements with motorcycle riders wearing bunny heads, jumping ATVs and surfing sofas down sand dunes to try to explain the Tacoma. Brance Hickman upstaged all of that with the clever image above.

Tacoma Image - How Was It Captured
Brance Hickman took that image and kindly allowed Torque News permission to repost it. The image was taken in Flagstaff Arizona by Brance who flew his Phantom 4 drone up above the treeline to get a glimpse of his Tacoma Off-Road long-bed "off-road." Brance says the image was captured at about 400 feet.
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Off Road Pickups and the Real World
Many of us buy more car or truck than we need. We all know that guy in the neighborhood with the 500 hp sports car that has never seen a racetrack. We also know the guy with the lifted "off-road" truck with not a single scratch on the paint. In between, there are many owners who use their cars and trucks as daily drivers most of the time but occasionally have the opportunity to escape to the outdoors and use their wheels in a way that is beyond ordinary. We feel Brance's image captured that emotion perfectly. For all we know, there is a Starbucks just out of camera shot, or this is Brance's backyard. We didn't ask. We don't want to know. We want to imagine.

Tacoma Quick Facts
The Toyota Tacoma is America's top-selling midsize truck. It outsells the nearest competitor, the Chevy Colorado, by roughly two-to-one most months. Fully 40% of Tacomas sold leave the dealership new with some form of optional, added off-road equipment according to Toyota. The Tacoma was updated for 2016 and is offered in affordable two-wheel drive work truck versions, near-luxury Limited editions, value trims and two levels of off-road capable trucks including the legendary TRD Pro.

Torque News would like to acknowledge that much of this content was found at the Facebook Toyota Tacoma Enthusiast page. Brance Hickman provided express permission for us to use the image and added some details for us to create this short piece. His great image is the real story.

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