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Nissan Leaf Sees Largest Used Car % Price Surge Tesla Model S Among Lowest

A new study shows that used car prices have leaped. The model with the single-largest percent increase is the Nissan Leaf.


A new study by iSeeCars confirms the suspicion of used car shoppers. Indeed, used car prices have surged. At the top of the list of models seeing the largest percent increases is the Nissan Leaf.

Chart courtesy of iSeeCars

“While used car prices for all electric vehicles have increased in recent months, the dramatic increase for used Nissan LEAF prices could be attributed to the 2018 model, which featured a significant bump in EV range, performance improvements, and an exterior facelift, and which only just entered the market this year in substantial numbers,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer.

Overall, used car prices are up 33%, or about $ 7,600. “The microchip shortage has brought historic used car price increases, so much so that some lightly used cars are more expensive than new models,” said Brauer. Used Nissan Leaf prices have jumped by 48%, which equates to $6,500 since June 2020.

Those green vehicle shoppers who are considering a used car may wish to consider the Tesla Model S. While it has increased in value over the past year, the Model S is ranked 6th among the top ten vehicles with the lowest percentage increases in value over the past 12 months.

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Coupes, Convertibles, and pickup trucks are the top three vehicle styles that have seen the highest used car value increases. Hatchbacks are the style with the least increase, which is interesting if you consider the Leaf’s body style.

You can view the full study and its conclusions here.

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