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New Chevy Bolt EVs For Costco Members Are Under $20K In This State

Chevy Bolt buyers in other states will be green with envy when they see what Costo members pay in this New England state.

Costco has teamed up with General Motors and the Green Energy Consumers Alliance’s Drive Green program to offer an added $3,000 discount on new Chevy Bolt LT electric vehicles. In Massachusetts, the current best deal is at Mirak Chevrolet, one of many local dealers who participate in the DriveGreen program. Including the discounts and the state EV rebate, the total cost to buy a new Bolt EV is just $19,897. And yes, that price includes the delivery charges.

This deal at Mirak is not a one-off either. Herb Connoly Chevrolet offers the Bolt LT to Costco members at just $20,245. Deals like this that bring the cost of the Bolt LT price to close to $20K new have been going on for years in the state.

Those green vehicle shoppers who may not have the taxable income to benefit from the federal income tax EV benefit of $7,500 need not worry about these deals. They do not include the federal tax benefit because Chevy has sold its maximum volume of EVs to qualify for the federal program. The state rebate is not related to one’s taxable income, and buyers don’t have to wait until tax time to get it.

These special Bolt deals are easy to take advantage of. Simply phone one of the dealers participating in the Drive Green program to discuss availability, colors, and other such details before showing up. Unlike some dealers, those who participate in the Drive Green program employ EV sales specialists who are knowledgeable and motivated to help buyers take home an electric vehicle.

Not a Costco member? Quirk Chevrolet looks to have the best deal in Massachusetts in November. We phoned Quirk’s sales line to ask some questions about the Bolts and the Drive Green program. We were helped instantly by phone. There is no mystery here. We were glad we called. The sales associate reminded us that recent college grads, military members, and teachers all get added discounts on top of those shown.

Not every state is as enthusiastic about electric vehicle adoption as Massachusetts is. Rhode Island is close, but in the six New England states, Mass. seems to be the most pro-EV. Those who live in other states and are shopping for a Bolt can only look on and wish they had that $2,500 state incentive on top of Drive Green pricing to help them with their purchase.

If you are a Costco member in any state and want a Bolt, it is worth phoning local dealers to see if they are offering the current $3,000 Costco discount. For more information on the Costco discount program visit the company’s site. For more information on the discounts Chevy offers on EVs, visit Chevy’s discount page for more information.

Check out the Drive Green website for information on the deals posted in this story. They update monthly.

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