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Must-see video proves again politicos fake being green

We all know politicians take our green, but they also fake they are green. This new video shows once again the crazy ways politicians tell us to do as they say, not as they do.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York (and coincidentally from this author’s hometown of Medford Mass.) was this week caught by the Post and CNN doing the most crazy thing so as not to be called out as a hypocrite. New York City has tough anti-idling laws. These laws are so easy to enact for the masses who don’t rely on an AC unit in their vehicle to keep the temperature below 110F or the heat to keep their coffee from freezing in the winter. As the video shows the Mayor simply can’t live within his own rules so he created a Rube Goldburg contraption to skirt the law. If this sounds eerily familiar to another New York politician that thought it was OK to take your car if you frequented "women of questionable morals", but himself felt above his law, then you have a dirty mind. Mayor Bloomberg’s AC unit is really not that unique. Truck stops all over the world now employ a more professional unit that replicates the Governor's Frankenfan. What was really interesting was that not one mainstream news reporter realizes it.

Many politicians tell us how to live our lives and in particular want to control our cars. For example, the former Governor Corzine of New Jersey was happy to be part of the government that set speed limits, but he instructed his state police detail to break the law and was injured when the trooper lost control of the ginormous SUV. Excuse me, it wasn’t actually his SUV, but rather the SUV the taxpayers bought for him to destroy. Small peanuts compared to the money that dissapeared after he took over at MF Global.

The tri-state area is not the only left-coast region to suffer car hyocrasy syndrome. When Massachussetts elected Governor Deval Patrick one of his first and most important priorities was to replace the classic LTD Crown Vic that had been good enough for Governor Mitt Romney. The State Police suddenly realized that the car that they all drive was not safe enough for the new Governor. Or they couldn’t find another one. Or something. In any case, Governor Deville, as he became known for a while after he got the largest possible Cadillac, really should have a huge vehicle paid for by the constituents that are being asked to downsize. Right?

Politicians can be so silly sometimes. Almost as silly as those of us that keep them in office.

Video Courtesy of and CNN. Photo is a screen shot from the video.

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