Watch Toyota Tacoma Hilux break through the ice.
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Monday Work Can Wait Video: Can Toyota Tacoma RC Pickup Make It?

This Toyota Hilux RC, similar to the Tacoma, breaks through the ice. What happens next?

It’s Monday morning, and you now have your coffee. Let’s face it. The week ahead can wait just a few minutes. Here is a great video to start your work week with.

The Toyota Hilux is the international version of the Tacoma. While not exactly the same, it carries the torch for Toyota in global markets. This RC Hilux is specially waterproofed and expertly driven. Can it be recovered after breaking through the ice?
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As the video shows, the little Toyota Hilux RC can move around very well underneath the ice. The electronics are not affected, and the vehicle can be steered and powered just fine. The real question is, will it be able to emerge on its own?

Finding a spot to resurface, the Toyota Hilux has a chance. The Hilux has four-wheel drive and whoever is controlling it seems to know their stuff. However, that approach angle, coupled with the slippery rock it faces must be too much of a challenge, right? Watch and see if the Hilux makes it. We never count out a Toyota pickup truck.

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