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Michelin Doubles Number of Sizes Available For CrossClimate 2 All-Weather Tires

If you checked out the Michelin CrossClimate2 and were disappointed to see your vehicle's tire size missing, check again. The company is adding in many popular sizes.

If you follow Torque News you know we openly admit to a tire fetish. Particularly winter-rated rubber. One of the most exciting new tires we have covered lately is the Michelin CrossClimate2 all-weather tire. This tire is rated for winter as well as all three other seasons, and proudly displays the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol that all-season tires cannot.

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During the research for our prior coverage, we noticed that the tire was only offered in 25 sizes. That put limits on how many vehicles could use the tire. However, that has now changed. Michelin has nearly double the total size offering to 55.

The staff at Torque News are the admins and founders of dozens of Facebook car clubs and other online vehicle forums. The CrossClimate2 is a hot topic right now. Many owners are trying this tire and they are thrilled with its performance. The best part being no downsides.

For a VERY detailed look at how Michelin designed this amazing tire, check out the video above.

The CrossClimate2 now has sizes that fit certain trims of the following list of vehicles:
Toyota RAV4 / Nissan Rogue / Cadillac XT5 / Nissan Altima / Lexus RX / Chevrolet Equinox / Nissan Rogue / Ford Escape / Mazda CX-5 / Cadillac XT5 / Lexus RX / Toyota Sienna / Mazda 3 / Subaru Forester / Honda Accord / Chevrolet Camaro / Toyota Corolla / Hyundai Elantra / Ford Edge / Honda Pilot / Ford Fusion / Toyota Camry / Nissan Altima / Ford Edge / Honda Pilot / Hyundai Santa Fe / Kia Sorento / Toyota Corolla / Nissan Sentra / Honda CR-V / Honda Odyssey / Toyota RAV4 / Chevrolet Equinox / Ford Escape / Buick LaCrosse / Range Rover Evoque / Ford Fusion / Hyundai Sonata / Toyota Camry / Kia Sportage / Honda Accord / Honda HR-V / Hyundai Sonata / Buick LaCrosse / Toyota Highlander / Honda Civic

If you are interested in seeing if your vehicle is a match, check out Michelin's updated size chart. Please also note that this story is not a paid placement, and Torque News did not receive compensation from Michelin for its posting.

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