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Mazda Reportedly Planning Important Miata Changes For 2019- What We Expect

Mazda is expected to make meaningful updates to the Miata for 2019. Here's what is reportedly on the way for the most popular convertible in the world.

The Mazda Miata is only entering its third model year as an ND (fourth generation) car, but reliable sources now report that the car will undo significant upgrades for 2019. We do not have Mazda confirmation of these changes, so take them for what they are worth. If Mazda does provide an official update, we will report it the day it is provided.

2019 Mazda Miata Power Bump
The biggest news is that power will increase. And not a little. The rumors are that the new peak power will be 181 hp, up from just 155 hp now. A 14% increase is always welcome and in a car as light as the Miata, this should shave some time off the Miata's 0-60 MPH time, which has been tested to be as low as 5.9 seconds by reliable publications. Even better, the changes are significant. A flywheel change and new pistons are part of what is being bandied about. Road and Track reports that the intake and exhaust ports will also change (increase) and a new throttle body will be included. Let's cross our fingers.

2019 Miata Changes - Content
There are also rumors that a telescoping steering wheel will become available. Automatic Emergency Braking and a backup camera are also rumors we have heard. All of these would be welcome to those who have owned past Miatas and hope to own a new one in the future.

2019 Miata - When?
Normally, the new model year is mid to late year during the preceding calendar year. We would guess it will be later rather than earlier for the Miata, but it is hard to tell. The 2016 Model year was very long for this car. Mazda does weird things sometimes.

2019 Should You Wait?
Absolutely. At least wait until mid-2018 to find out if Mazda confirms these rumored changes. As a former Miata owner, the author understands that sometimes a person just needs a convertible pronto. If so, go for it, but if you already have a fun car and can wait a bit, we would strongly recommend it. Who wants to get their new Miata home and see a new one on the road a month later that has 14% more power and more features? Not this guy.