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Mazda gives details on 2016 MX-5 Miata Club Edition

The Club Edition is not a big surprise, but the stuff you can’t get on your Grand Touring Miata is.

Today Mazda announced the details of the all-new 2016 MX-5 Miata Club Edition. As we reported earlier this week, this is the sporty Miata. We will list out all the details in a moment. Miata owners and fans won’t be surprised by much of the equipment list, however, a little-noticed comment by Mazda has perked up our ears because it means the Grand Touring Miatas may not be the same as they have been in the past.

Details of the 2016 Miata Club Edition
The new Miata Club Edition has all the go-fast bits formerly offered as a package on the Grand Touring and some other trims in the 3rd generation Miata. First up is the Bilstein shock package. No serious driver would ever buy a Miata without this and the next item on our list. That being the limited slip rear differential (LSD). These two items make the Miata handle better and go faster. The 2016 Miata Club Edition also gets a shock tower brace and 17 inch alloy wheels. Last, there are a front air dam and rear lip spoiler.

As a former owner living in the snow-belt, I wish that the 17 inch tires could be deleted, and the standard 16 inch tires substituted. Don’t ever count on that. Rough roads and no spare tire (and no run flat tires) mean that any pothole could mean a tow truck ride home. Here in the land of terrible roads the more sidewall, the better.

Grand Touring Won’t Get Go-Fast Parts
The most interesting part of the press release today by Mazda was the comment that the Bilstein shocks and limited slip differential are to be “trim level-exclusive” for the Club. So, presumably that means that if you buy a Grand Touring Trim you won’t have these important components. Mazda cannot be serious. There will surely be a way to get the leather heated seats and navigation package with the shocks and LSD.