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Mazda Announces Small, but Scary Recall – Is Your Vehicle on the List?

This recall does not cover many vehicles, but if your car is affected, you want to act fast.

Many recalls have a very small risk to the owners of the affected vehicles. Toyota’s RAV4 recall for wiper blades that were not compatible with water jumps to mind. GM’s recent recall because the center console latch might not stay closed in a forward crash at 40 MPH is another that would seem to be a low priority for immediate repair. However, Mazda just announced a recall for its vehicles because the affected vehicles might have a steering knuckle and front strut that could separate, possibly resulting in a crash.

The recall covers about half of Mazda’s model line, but only about 600 total vehicles. The vehicles NHTSA says could be included in the group that need immediate servicing are:

• 2013 MY – 2014 MY Mazda2
• 2016 MY CX-3
• 2014 MY – 2016 MY CX-5
• 2013 MY – 2015 MY CX-9

Mazda says that the cause of the problem was under-tightening of the bolts in the suspension. Those vehicles that are included in the recall need to have the parts re-tightened. This will be done at no cost to owners (like all recalls). To see if your Mazda is included in this important recall please check your vehicle here.