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Lexus Tops in J.D. Power & Associates Dependability Rankings

Lexus' score on J.D. Powers Dependability study cannot be beaten.

Lexus has again topped a dependability study. This time, it is the 28th-annual Vehicle Dependability Study. The study looks at 2014 model-year vehicles and asks original owners to answer questions about the first year of ownership. The group explains, "Overall dependability is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100), with a lower score reflecting higher quality. The study covers 177 specific problems grouped into eight major vehicle categories."

Lexus as a company earns an average score of 110. Lexus vehicles also earned the top score in three out of four of the premium segments. Porsche deserves a mention here as well. The low-volume sports vehicle manufacturer had an equally impressive overall score. However, Porsche's vehicles didn't top any of the J.D. Power segments. In fact, only the Cayenne earned an honorable mention in any of the 18 vehicle segments.

Looking at the numbers, Lexus' results are even more impressive. Lexus's score of 110 is dramatically lower than Cadillac's 152 for example, or historic rival Infiniti, which now has a terrible average score of 203, third-worst of all brands. Fiat scored lowest with a crazy-high 298, nearly triple the problems reported by Lexus owners. View the results at J.D Power's site here.

Image courtesy of Facebook Lexus RC Club contributor, Eddie Carabillo.