Owners modify Lexus RC F with exhaust and other parts.
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VIDEO: Lexus RC F Performance Coupe Becoming Popular Platform For Tuning and Exhaust Modifications

The V8 powered Lexus RC F and its RC 200t and RC 350 counterparts are being modified by many owners.

The 2017 Lexus RC line is becoming a popular car for owners to modify. This won't come as a surprise to members of the Facebook Lexus RC Club, who frequently post images of the modifications they make to their RC F, RC Turbo, RC 300 AWD, and RC 350 F Sport cars.

One of the most popular modifications is a cat-back exhaust system. Watch and listen to the video below for an example of how well that can come out. Wheels and tire upgrade are also very common among owners.

Some like to take things further. Companies like RR Racing have brought out suspension and engine components that enhance the performance of the RC F and RC cars without degrading drivability. Members recently debated engine tunes and came to the conclusion that it makes good sense to upgrade an RC 300 with an engine tune rather than pay the extra for an RC 350.

The video below shows an APEXI exhaust from Johnson Research and Performance (JRP) installed by Argus Automotive.

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