Lexus Most Trusted Brand, Best Overall Brand – 2016 Kelly Blue Book
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Lexus Most Trusted Brand, Best Overall Brand – 2016 Kelly Blue Book

Lexus continues to be ranked number one in automobiles.

Kelly Blue Book (KBB) has named Toyota’s Lexus brand the Most Trusted Brand and also the Best Brand overall in its latest Brand Image Awards. KBB says that it gauges consumers’ perceptions via its Brand Watch Study. From the data consumers provide, KBB then ranks the brands. Keeping it simple, KBB does not provide any empirical data but just provides short summaries on the various category winners.

In the Best Brand section, Toyota’s Lexus brand is ranked alongside Subaru. Toyota and Subaru followers know that Toyota is one of the largest shareholders in Subaru, so the success of the brand is applauded by Toyota. KBB points out in its summary that Lexus has cemented its spot on many brand listings with the best quality in the industry for many years running. Quality, durability, and reliability (QDR) are the brand’s cornerstones and only Toyota’s mainstream brand really rivals Lexus. However, KBB went a little off the typical script here, saying that reason for this year’s win by Lexus was, “These days, Lexus is adding even more arrows to its quiver, with advanced infotainment systems, high-tech driver assistants and styling that turns heads in a way that Lexus cars and SUVs never have. It all comes together while maintaining the company's focus on high quality and long-term value.”

Lexus was also paired with Subaru in the Most Trusted Brand category. KBB explains that Lexus’ long-term devotion to QDR has led to consumer trust. This is something that our recent survey of Lexus owners validated.

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