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Lexus best luxury value in America – 2015 Vincentric Awards

Vincentric names Lexus the top value luxury brand for 2015.


In a story that will surprise no one, Vincentric, the Michigan-based automotive data analysis experts, called the Lexus brand the top value in automotive luxury. The analysis done by Vincetric looks at all aspect of vehicle ownership. Not only was Lexus the top brand, it won the important Prestige category, the mid-size premium crossover category and multiple hybrid categories.

Vincentric Best Value Award Parameters
The Vincentric awards are unusual in their scope and depth of data analysis. Other awards are equally interesting, but the Vincentric award is sort of the geek award. Vincentric doesn’t just look at cost, resale value, fuel economy and maintenance. It goes deeper and looks at eight different areas of cost if ownership. Even insurance costs and fees and taxes are included in Vincentric’s analysis.

Vincentric Comments On Lexus
Commenting on Lexus, Vincentric said “Numerous winning vehicles from Toyota, Lexus, and Scion resulted in Toyota Motor Corporation taking home twelve vehicle awards, the most of any manufacturer, with the strength of its hybrid vehicles paving the way.” This is Lexus second top win in Vincentric’s Best Value in America Awards.

Lexus Category Winners
Lexus’ LX570 took home the Prestige category win. The Lexus RX 350 won the Premium Crossover segment, now the highest volume premium segment for most automakers. The ES300h and NX300h both won the hybrid categories for Premium hybrid sedan and Premium hybrid crossover. Vehicles form Toyota and Lexus dominated the hybrid chart.