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KBB says this 2015 Lexus RC 350 Superbowl commercial ranked best

Kelly Blue Book measured the web traffic resulting from the automotive-related Superbowl advertisements, and this one was the clear winner.

Which car advertisement did you think was the best during this weekend’s Patriot’s victory? Now that you have that one in mind ask yourself if it made you look for more information on that car on the web. Kelly Blue Book (KBB) keeps close tabs on its website traffic all the time, but during and after the football game watched closely to see which of the models advertised had the highest uptick in searches for that make and model. The winner by a landslide was the exciting new Lexus RC 350 sport coupe.

Lexus RC 350, Responsive Coupe or Radio Controlled?
Lexus models either mean something or develop nicknames to go along with their model designations. The RC 350 is often called the “Responsive Coupe” by Lexus insiders. However, we all know that “RC car” stands for radio controlled, so Lexus seized on that for its newest advertisement. Showing a radio controlled mini-RC 350 doing incredible drifts helps to highlight that the car is rear-wheel drive and powerful.

KBB Advertisement Results
KBB says that of the eleven vehicles advertised during the game the Lexus RC 350 commercial was dramatically more effective than the others. Web traffic on the model went up 1,820% according to KBB. Second place was the BMW i3 commercial with 1,131. Although Lexus must be thrilled with this result, its NX 200t advertisement ranked second to last with just a 48% increase in web searches. Last place of all car advertisements was the Toyota Camry, which only saw a 20% increase. However, the Camry is not a new model, and it has strong branding, so the company likely had lower expectations. There is no way to sugarcoat the NX result.

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