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Image: Mazda Miata Racer After Parts Scavenging

Ever wonder what can be salvaged after a Mazda Miata race car lives out its useful life? This image explains it.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. I hope my boss agrees! Rather than go long on the subject of how and how much of a Mazda Miata race car gets salvaged after it has lived out its useful life, we thought we'd let the above two images tell the tale.

Mazda Miata Racer - What Happened
There are hundreds of Miata racing teams in America. The Miata dominates racing like no other. The car above was run by the team Mark McMullen of G&M Services in Millis, Massachusetts belongs to. Mark does the majority of the mechanical work on the race team's cars. One of the cars, this NA-generation, was involved in a crash during a race recently. The damage was not worth struggling to fix and the car's long service life meant it was time for a parts-out.

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Miata Racer - Keep vs. Discard
Mark tore the car down in between other work over a period of a couple of weeks to see what the team could use and what might be headed for the recycle bin. Our prior story and image caught the car before it was completely broken up for parts. Now that it has, the "keep pile" looks much smaller. Miata race car parts are a big business, so of course, racers always salvage what they can. For their own cars and to trade or sell.

Miata Racer - Kept Parts
We spoke to Mark about what he ended up keeping. The right side of the image shows the "keep" pile. Mark told us, "(The keep) pile is mostly re use, motor, trans, shocks, brakes, etc. The tub is currently out back waiting to go to the scrap yard."