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Here Are The Best Winter Snow Tires For Your Toyota Camry

Looking for the top-rated winter tires for your Toyota Camry before the snow flies? Here are the top choices.

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, smart Toyota Camry owners carefully consider if they would benefit from a set of dedicated winter tires. If you don't have to drive in the worst of winter weather and can avoid driving when temps drop below freezing or there is snow and ice on the rods, you will be fine with your all-season tires. However, if you are a person who needs to drive regardless of the conditions, a set of winter tires will help you start, turn, and stop. Here is a quick rundown on the winter tire options you may want to consider.

Before we begin, just a note that Torque News didn't receive any compensation or free products for the publication of this story from any retailer or tire manufacturer.

Top-Rated Winter Tire For Camry: Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT
The Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT earns a very high rating from owners that purchase it. One retailer has 188 reviews averaging 4.5 stars. Expect to pay about $200 each for this tire from your local provider before mounting and balancing. We based that price on a 2019 Camry SE tire size, 235/45R18. This tire has a winter compound, ample sipes for winter grip and a tread design that will provide superior traction.

Least Expensive Winter Tire - Firestone Winterforce 2
The Winterforce 2 from Firestone has good ratings as well and it retails for about $150 per tire. The Winterforce 2 has all of the elements that good winter tires do and like Goodyear, a name you recognize and that is likely to be available locally.

Shop Electronically, Buy Locally
We suggest that consumers educate themselves when looking for winter tires. Know your vehicle's tire size. It's printed on the sidewall of the ones on your car now. Don't deviate from that. Otherwise, you will need a set a dedicated rims and TPMS sensors. Read reviews from owners of the vehicle you have at Tire Rack or your preferred online retailer.

Once you know your preference, phone your local medium to small-sized tire installers to check if they have that model in stock. Use online prices to get a gauge of the fairness of the tire shop's price. Be sure you inform the retailer to include all costs including labor to mount the tires.

Store Your Other Tires
Next up, find a spot in your garage or shed or basement to store your 3-season tires. They will be coming home with you in the Camry. These can go back on in the spring. Remember, every mile you drive on your winter tires prolongs the life of your 3-season tires by a mile. So, your only added cost to have the added safety and performance of winter tires is th twice-annual cost to remount your tires. Budget $100 per swap for that and you should be fine. Some shops actually include lifetime balancing and mounting. Ask your shop if they do. Either way, we suggest buying the tires locally. It is easier and the prices comparable to online retailers.

Have you had good luck with a winter tire on your Camry? Tell us which one in the comments below.

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Brian Klamer (not verified)    February 18, 2021 - 7:01AM

2010 Camry XLE 4 cylinder with VSC. Car was terrible in snow with Michelin Premier A/S, VSC kept throwing engine revs down and braking, horrible at moving away from a standstill or uphill. Stuck in level parking lot with 7 inches of snow.
Replaced front tires only on used salvage yard rims. Tire of choice was Hankook
Winter I- Pike RS, W419. It was the only set in stock the day of hard snow at the tire retailer I trade with.
Couldn't be happier, pulls like a dump truck now and the VSC is not showing slippage as long as you are not giving way too much throttle for the situation.
The major perk was the $93.00 per tire price before mounting and balancing.
Hands down would recommend this Hankook to any Toyota FWD owner.