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Four Cyber Monday Lexus IS F-Sport On-line Shopping Ideas

Looking for a great Cyber Monday Gift Idea? Here are four ideas for the owner of a Lexus IS sedan, written by the owner of an IS.

The holiday season has arrived and many people are shopping for great car deals. We all know how difficult it is to buy for some of our family members, or even to suggest ideas when they ask about your wishes. Here are four ideas for the Lexus IS owner in your life, or four ideas you can suggest when friends and family ask what you’re dreaming about this season.

Lexus IS Performance Air Intake
A performance Air intake will reduce the intake air pressure your IS uses for combustion. Performance intakes can add power and work well with performance exhaust systems. This is part that can be added by any shade tree mechanic, or let the local dealer do the work if you are uncertain of your skills. Dealer installed Lexus performance parts do not void the Lexus warranty, so consider that. Prices will vary by model and year, but budget about $1,000 for this generous gift.

Lexus Illuminated Side Sills
My own Lexus IS 350C has these, and they look fantastic at night. They are mostly for looks, but the added light at night is always welcome to see what you are stepping down onto when you exit the vehicle. Budget about $500 for this gift.

Lexus IS Body Side Mouldings
This is one idea you would not want to get for someone without checking first. These side mouldings act as bumpers to prevent damage from shopping carts and people who open their doors rudely and ding your car. These can help, but not everyone loves the look. Budget about $250 for these.

Lexus Trunk Lip Spoiler
If the Lexus IS these will go onto does not already have one, a trunk lip spoiler will add a sporty look. We could lie and tell you these add downforce, but that would be a stretch. Budget about $450 for a color-matched spoiler.

The best place to buy these and have them installed is your local dealer. However, you should shop around. Different Lexus dealers near you may offer discounts.