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Five Reasons To Choose the 2022 Infiniti QX60 Sensory AWD

The three-row 2022 Infiniti QX60 offers buyers looking for a premium SUV a long list of advantages in a crowded segment.

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In the three-row premium midsize SUV segment, excellence is assumed. There are few bad choices in this popular category. The 2022 Infiniti QX60 Sensory AWD we tested this week showed us why so many buyers step up to a premium vehicle. Here are five things we found about the QX60 that we feel make it a vehicle well worth considering.

Suitable Powertrain
The QX60 uses a strong V6 engine mated to a 9-Speed automatic (geared) transmission. This powertrain is perfect for its mission. Power is ample in every situation. The geared transmission has the grunt to carry you up a hill without weird CVT noises and feelings. There is no DCT goofiness when moving from Park to drive and setting off.

Outstanding Comfort
The QX60 Sensory has massage seats that don’t shut off. We use this as just one example of how a premium SUV steps up the comfort from the norm, but the QX60 is comfortable in many other ways. The seats are not small and constricting like they are in so many “Sporty” SUVs. The ride quality is excellent because Infinity used the right tires and not silly racetrack tires that feel like stones. Sometimes automotive success is found by not doing dumb things and not trying to make big SUVs feel like sports sedans.

Excellent Infotainment
We rocked Pandora and Audible on the QX60’s infotainment system while simultaneously using Google Maps. Infinity’s infotainment has made big strides lately, and we found it to be simple to operate and intuitive. A+.

Many Extras
If you are buying a premium SUV, you deserve extras. Infiniti provides third-row USB ports for each seat. Do you prefer USB-C or the older USB ports? Either way, Infiniti has you covered because both are offered. No need for an adapter. There are shades for the second-row seats.

Big Cargo Volume Plus a Spare Tire
It may seem silly if you have not had a spare in a while, but in our testing this year, we had three flats in one day in two different vehicles in two states. Infiniti tucks the spare tire up under the rear of its QX60 and still offers a huge cargo area with below-the-floor storage. No compromise is necessary.

Bonus! You Can Buy A QX60
Yes, there are actually QX60s for sale in 2022. In fact, the QX60 is Infiniti’s top-selling model by a wide margin. As of our last check, the company had delivered over 10,000 units this year, more than doubling last year’s delivery volume.

Conclusion - QX60 Earns Two Thumbs Up
Our test Infiniti QX60 had an as-tested price of $60,950, including destination charges. Our fuel economy was 26 MPG, topping its EPA estimate by a generous margin. However, it wasn’t the numbers that won us over. The Infiniti QX60 just feels right. You never have any doubt the QX60 is a premium vehicle, and it has zero bad habits. Those looking for a premium three-row midsize SUV should put the QX60 at the top of their list of considerations.

2022 QX60 Sensory AWD image courtesy of Infiniti.

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